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The abandoned Potocki Palace (Krzeszowice, Poland)

The great abandoned Potocki Palace surrounded by a huge park is definitely one of the most impressive places in Krzeszowice – a small town near Kraków where it's situated. The palace was built in the middle of XIX century, not counting some later improvements. The Potocki family moved here in 1862 and had been owning the palace until World War II, when it became a summer residence of the General-Governor Hans Frank. After the war the palace was nationalised and turned to a special purpose school and education center, later also a care facility for children and youth. At the same time the process of the destruction of the palace started – affected by the lack of heating and moisture, the building started getting into the worse and worse conditions and now it's already a few dozen years as it's abandoned. Despite this fact, today the palace and the park surrounding is still an impressive place often visited by locals and is really worth to see if by some reason you're in Krzeszowice.

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