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Abandoned Protestant church (Pisarzowice, Poland)

When you’re passing through Pisarzowice, it’s worth to turn onto a backroad and visit a beautiful abandoned Protestant church hidden among trees. It was built at the beginning of XX century on order of Prince Gustav Biron von Curland in memory of his dead son Wilhelm. The church, known as ‘Prinz Wilhelm Gedachtniskirche’, was used by local Protestants. It started getting into worse conditions in 1945, after Polish militiamen had broke the doors to its basement when they had been looking for German soldiers. The church became easy to access for burglars and vandals, who turned it into ruin. Despite the bad conditions, the place is really impressive which makes it popular for photo sessions (there was even one wedding photo session during my visit) and video clips (a video clip of Polish death metal band Behemoth was shot here).

wp pis_6

2 pis_33

4 m otbt pis_75c

3 pis_60

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6 d otbt pis_81c

10 m otbt pis_43c

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