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Abandoned Farmhouse

Hello again!

Two years ago while going for a nice country drive, I came across this house. The property is extensive and the house itself must have been gorgeous in it's day. Sadly, the inside is now mostly gutted, torn apart, and covered in spray paint.

There are two different stories about this house:

Story #1: Apparently a family with several young children lived here quite some time ago. The parents were rumored to be alcoholics/drug addicts who were abusive towards the children. They would starve the children and lock them away in their bedroom for days at a time. Eventually CPS came in and took the children away. The parents health continued to decline until they could no longer afford to live in the home and were subsequently evicted from the premises.

Story #2: The other story is that an old man was working under the back end of a dump truck in the yard when it came down on him, crushing him to death. I don't know if this happened before or after the family lived in the home.

Are the stories true? Who knows. Although I am inclined to believe some of the first story based on some of the contents in the home.


Yes, that is a pile of dead bird skeletons.

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