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The Pajor House

The Pajor House - Waterford, ON

"There is a house in the Brantford area called the Pager house. This house has been boarded up and locked up for a very long time.There are many stories about the house.I have heard stories about it but I don't know for a fact if I have the actual accounts of what went on there.

The Pager home is a historical home and therefore can not be tampered with, so it stands as it was many years ago. It is a large feild stone home, with green shutters. The house has a large field off the back that is used for growing crops, but the house itself remains empty.

I moved to Brantford 6 years ago and heard stories about the house. here are the stories that I have heard...though it may not be accurate..

Many years ago the Pager home was a gambling house/brothel. It is claimed that many people lost there lives over bad combinations of alcohol, gambling, and whores in this home. At any rate the house became haunted by some nasty entities.

It is said that a team of 7 scientists went in to investigate the home, and that some lost there lifes in the house due to the entities that now reside there. Over the years the family that owned the house built a new home on property not far from the original house, and kept the original house locked up. They still using the land for there crops.

A friend told me that in the Waterford museum there is an article on the house but i have never managed to check it out. I asked some of the older folks in the area but they refuse to talk about the house, so i called up the Pagers and asked the next best thing" are you willing to rent out the house?" They said no.

Last time I drove by the home they were putting a new roof on it ,and a friend told me that the house went up for sale awhile ago.

So this story may be of interest for someone who is investigating hauntings. Unfortunately I don't know all the facts concerning the home, however i would love to know any new info anyone writes in.

Articles and information: #1, #2, #3


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