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Lost Village In Portugal

Originally posted by mir_i_ljubov at ГОРОД ФЛИНСТОУНОВ В ПОРТУГАЛИИ

The ancient giants played with stones, as if in a ball, then disappeared. When people came here, they built a village around the boulders: whose mass often serve as walls and roofs of their homes.

The tiny town of Monsanto in the backwoods of mountainous part of the country referred to as the most Portuguese throughout Portugal. Moreover, this official title. Giant boulders scattered across the surface of the holy mountain-so pervoditsâ "monte santo."

The streets of Monsanto look exactly the same as a hundred years ago. Electricity and running water have been introduced, successfully and almost imperceptibly blended into the stone history of the village.


With kindness and love
Gennady A. Cenëv
Managing Planet Earth

1. Boulders start at the foot of the village, looming over a parked car!

2. When you are climbing on small serpentine, you find yourself in the heart of Monsanto, at the square with the Church and see nothing surprising. A typical Portuguese village! Where are the miracles?

3. TAlmost immediately, you climb up on any of the steep streets that lead from the square.

4. The walls of the houses are built of the same material as the boulders. This granite, sometimes unable to distinguish, where nature begins and the handiworkends.

5. On almost any street we catch magic views of the surroundings.

6. Vehicles park at the bottom, and some locals. Ten spaces for the whole village. Because the streets are so dubious, with little place to park or maneuver, this truck brought products to the local store and then painstakingly descended down backwards. It took about half an hour for the driver: to go back three hundred meters.

7. Most residents are almost retired.



10. And here lives the most scraggly dog in the world!

11. Visitors to the village find it is not easy to get here by public transport limited, tour buses do not visit. This place is for independent travellers.

12. Here the stone serves as a roof, domik is built around. Yes I have the wall of a toilet in the House where I lived, there was a huge Boulder!

13. Drinking fountain.


15. City Gates.

16. Many houses are abandoned. Mostly elderly people live here, while their children and grandchildren, dispersed elsewhere, This abandoned house in the mountain village, seemingly nowhere.

17. Buildings collapse over time.

18. Buildings are razed while building over the site of others is strictly prohibited. Changes in the city are not permitted! Recently a local cellular operator has committed an insidious crime: installing atop a Mount an antenna. Residents there now have Internet and communication, but they are wanting to oust the antenna, and are collecting signatures for a petition that this blasphemy should be discontinued. "Write out there on the Internet that in spite of this antenna the law forbids anyone taking pictures of our beautiful village!" So how did we come by this? As a tourist...


20. the village ends abruptly. Here's the last House around the corner, several major boulders and the path that leads even higher up the mountain.


22. A door, hidden in one of the stones.

23. When you go to the Glade, there is a medieval castle. In Portugal there is a castle on every mountain. Just ignore them. Every man's home is his castle...

24. Views in the region with low mountains.

25. On the way are several ruins and buildings. Apparently, the city was once higher, but residents tired of scrambling so far.



28. Forty-minutes walk to the top, at the Castle.

29. At the top stands a huge kilometre post. What it stands for is unknown. Yet it is visible from afar with the ill-fated antenna that grandparents cut down one clear moonlit night.

30. Once upon a time in the Castle lived courageous Princes and princesses. For nine centuries, were the Romans, and even Arabs. And now only the wind speaks with these walls. And sometimes lost Chinese tourists.

31. What a view!

32. Zoom!

33. There is much to explore in Monsanto.

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