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On the outskirts of the distant city of Anadyr is one extremely fascinating abandoned place. On top of a hill, among the strongest winds, stands a huge, strange and once secret facility.


"Tropospheric" everyone in the town knows, is the military communications system between regions of the country of the Soviet Union with about 50 similar structures! This is one of the most remote.

1) Beautiful and harsh places, Little Miss Chukotka, from Anadyr, which is like a nine hours flight from Honolulu, is no longer accessible. There are no roads, navigation-long just three months of the year, a helicopter is incredibly expensive. More sites of similar nature: The brightest city in Russia ] [ Abandoned Chukotka ] [ Thunderstorm America. Secret city Gudym ] [ Walrus dentist ]

2) No transport links to "Tropospheric" to go from the city you want to go by taxi, it will cost a small fortune of five hundred rubles.

3) Welcome to West side — as if you're in Alaska, a strange place for a ski resort, and no lifts or sports infrastructure was in sight.

4) The taxi driver left, and one is left one-on-one with the strongest winds in this incomprehensible design of tundra flowers.

5) Clearly a military appointment, hints coils of barbed wire and even some semblance of mini-bunkers. In General, the communications system was used for peaceful purposes, when in Soviet times civil work force in such brutal difficult geographical conditions wasn't easy: counts the station as one of the most accessible, as it is located close to the city. Other intermediaries are located hundreds of kilometres from the nearest residential village.

6) Tropospheric radio relay link "North" - The giant project, a length of line almost 14 thousand kilometers and 46 such tropospheric stations similar to this. For the most part, all the stations are located along the coast of the Arctic and Pacific oceans, the major Siberian River ob Yenisei — and Lena.

7) Victor Borisov three years ago left "Sisters" of the tropospheric, somewhere in the Yamalo-Nenets region. He wrote in a post giving, full technical details of that post and drew this picture. He found himself on the "Seagull" hub station. The far East station is "Yukon". пост

8) Everything is rusted and abandoned a long time ago but somehow never looted. Even small details remain in place, although no object is protected.

9) Forty-six stations, some of which were packed in such ... remote wilderness, where no man goes, but maybe one time in his life. When the party said, "It is necessary", the soldiers responded, "We go".

10) Satellite communications in the fifties plainly did not exist, and the link in a network of remote regions of the vast country was needed. Despite the permafrost, vast distances, everything contrary to existence.

11) Tundra is very soft to the touch!

12) Six months later, one sits in a warm apartment, electric socks with warm battery with now outside the window — yet there, in Chukotka, it snows in June, although it is not even in the mountains.

13) A place of incredible beauty, in any weather. It is difficult to live there, contrary to human nature.

14) When the Soviet Union collapsed and satellite communication became available, people fled, leaving only a mountain of garbage and rusting iron.

15) I can't understand them, with all this work wasted. Is it really just sitting here for decades? Down the drain?

16) Switchboard circuits

17) Formally and finally, operation of the system ended in 2003. Chukotskaya station "died" in the late nineties. Although there might be someone on the inside, and the system energized.

18) Inside is the Yellow House. A narrow path, when winter sweeps over, to find a trail is quite difficult.

19) The path leads to a wooden outhouse with beautiful views. But can you imagine the walk to the John in minus fifty?

20) It was even lined with something soft, plush type.

21) The in plate is illegible, the door is secured with thick wire .... Go? Do not go? Break inside? Escape from here? Press the call button. Nothing happens. The station is dead.

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