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Nuclear Fallout - Fire in the Hole!

In England is found an abandoned bunker with all supplies for rescue from nuclear war

Originally posted by b_picture at В Англии найден заброшенный бункер со всеми припасами для спасения от ядерной войны

Hidden amidst the fields of Suffolk, this abandoned concrete object with rusty metal hatch instead of a door is not very attention grabbing. However, if you go down the stairs four meters underground, you will be inside a real bunker from during the cold war. The bunker has barely changed from 1991, when it was abandoned, and on the wall still hangs instructions on what to do in case of nuclear attack.

В Англии найден заброшенный бункер со всеми припасами для спасения от ядерной войны

Fire in the hole!

During Churchill and Truman in the cold war the UK built 1563 bunkers at a distance of about 25 km from one another in case of aggravated relations with the USSR or the United States, which chanced to escalate into a nuclear war. Bunkers were manned by Service volunteers as ground observers. Their task was to find out how many nuclear bombs were in existence, where they can be dropped, as well as to monitor radiation levels as it spreads throughout the country.

Underground bomb power indicators were installed to measure shock waves on each meter, as well as radiation level sensor — they were connected with the outside world through pipes. In the case of a nuclear attack, the volunteers had to continue to work for three weeks while outside on the street shells are falling and exploding. Sirens would inform the public about the impending air or missile attack.

This bunker was built in 1958 and abandoned in 1991. On the wall still hangs a sheet of paper, instructing volunteers in the event of martial law in parts of training devices. During the attacks, the volunteers had to report on explosions and daily support the bunker.

Around the bunker along the walls stand mattresses in a corner collecting dust, fabric chairs, maps, notes, tools and contents of a first aid kit scattered on the floor.

A recent visitor described the feeling of claustrophobia that overtakes when you go down in the hole. "To get into the bunker takes courage, because you don't know what to expect once you're there. It is really uncomfortable making it difficult for volunteers to descend the stairs. Shocked with the whole paraphernalia of the cold war, which is still there, as if time has stopped, while the rest of the world goes on unaware.

One researcher praised the volunteers for their bravery, "I spent only 30 minutes in a room downstairs and already felt pretty strong attack of claustrophobia."

You want to pay tribute to the volunteers who spent hours or even days underground in these places at a time when people really feared the threat of a nuclear war. It's amazing to think of this bunker tucked away here, in the countryside in Suffolk, where most probably do not know about its existence.

Almost half of the cold war-era bunkers were closed in 1968, and the remaining locations in 1991, after the collapse of the Communist bloc and the fall of the Berlin wall.

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