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Moderator Note

Happy New Year everyone,

As many of you have probably gathered, I'm not here as much as I used to be in the past nor as much as I'd hoped to be. I'll not make an empty promise to say that I'll turn over a new leaf and be here dramatically more in the future, but there's changes in the air for me. This means I may be able to drop in and post here a bit more often. I'm not going to delve into those changes yet, but there's some big stuff in the air for me.

That said, I do still read my friends' postings here on LJ at least weekly. I check my communities, especially Abandonedplaces every 1-3 days based on work and shooting requirements. I also reply to messages here within a couple hours minimum.

I'm going to throw out two challenges to you all. If there was a way to RSS or link feed this community to or from Twitter, Facebook, or Instantagram; would you be interested or do you think the linkages would be too much? I'm researching some options to return some connectivity to this community.
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