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Abandone chateau Lumiere, France

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Mar. 13th, 2017 | 09:40 pm
posted by: alexdoomer2009 in abandonedplaces

For a long time I have not written anything here) Therefore, today in the program a new reportage. Opening of the 2015 season. Perhaps this place is the dream I longed for. This time we did it. It was an abandoned family castle-manor-chateau of a Swiss tycoon, lost in the French wilderness. The place is very picturesque, beautiful and well preserved. Beautiful interiors, a beautiful hall with a luxurious light well and many other interesting things.

This report in English

Probably, as a child, many had an irresistible desire to visit some ancient or abandoned haunted castle. I loved reading books and watching films on this topic. But the years went by, the everyday routine of the surrounding world became more and more prevalent. Children's dreams were forgotten and put on a distant shelf. However, sometimes, as they say, it is worth "follow your dreams". In 2008, I started my first trips to abandoned places. Digging into the Internet, I found hundreds of photographs of foreign abandoned castles in Europe. The condition of some mansions and palaces was amazing. But then I did not even have a passport, and the very idea of ​​sallies to such places was somewhat fantastic. But the years went by, and in 2013 the first chance came to check the Miranda-de-Chateau castle in Belgium. Alas, we were stopped and deported by a local police officer with dogs. And in 2015 it was decided during a trip with his family to the Czech Republic to fly to France for a couple of days. And besides resting in a cozy town, try to check out the estate. And now I will give a brief history of this castle.

Chateau Lumiere was built in the early 1900s by a wealthy Swiss tobacco magnate. Personality was very interesting and significant for the history of local regions. How does the word "Chateau" stand? Chateau - adopted in France, the name of the country manor house of the highest aristocracy and generally nobility, often with a park and winemaking. Most often translated into Russian by the word "castle", although the fortified residences of the medieval nobility in French are called the chateau fort and for most of the chateau a more adequate version of the transfer - "palace", "estate" or "estate." For example, the Château de Versailles is a classic example of a palace and park ensemble of the 17th and 18th centuries. More than 300 shato are concentrated in the valley of the river Loire. Many of them are classified by UNESCO as World Heritage. The owner of this chateau was not the only one, however, it was in this city and in this estate that its main stages of life passed. Alas, by the middle of the 20th century, the industrialist had begun to have strong problems in various fields, his health was shaken, and in 1959 he died. The property was partially exported to auctions, and partially preserved. Soon the mansion was sold. But the new owners did not have enough resources and forces to maintain the house in proper condition. And in a few years the castle was sold to a new owner. As a result of all the vicissitudes of the 80-ies of the XX century, the house was unknown to anyone in the canned state. During the 90s the building was most likely guarded, in the 2000s the watchman began to make only rare detours. Now the building is abandoned to the mercy of fate. The castle has the status of a "monument of architecture" and is under the "protection of the state".

According to the established tradition, I attach one of my favorite tracks in the report topic. This time, this is Cellar of Rats - Rainy Mystery. 

Download Cellar of Rats Rainy Mystery for free from pleer.com

1. When the bus stopped at the destination, we were right in front of the castle. The weather was gloomy, and the sky was cloudy. The mansion was not visually similar to the one abandoned in the direct sense of the word. However, overgrown territory and rusty gates hinted to us that this place has long been not residential. We decided to go around the building in the old manner, but it was not so easy. Behind him was a huge mountain. And if in the castle of Miranda-de-Chateau the main difficulty was to climb the mountain in the rain, now it was exactly the reverse task.

2. It was necessary first to go upstairs, and then get down straight down the mountain with such a deviation that you had to hold on to all the trees and bushes on your way. The dripping rain only complicated the situation. Eventually the terrain leveled out, and we found ourselves in the former garden behind the main house. Soon the silhouette of the old car appeared. Oh, yes this is Citroen CV2! Once a beautiful car now stood abandoned to the mercy of fate in the backyard. 

3. To the right of the car was the porch of the mansion, an old wooden mossy door was closed. Absolutely not hoping, I jerked it. I pushed it harder, and with great creak and grinding, it all the same opened. Dasha and I went inside. Walking a little deeper into the building, we were in the front hall. Honestly, I could not believe that it was that easy.
I suggest you also enjoy the general view of the hall. The castle-chateau building is primarily notable for the light well. Light, entering the building through the ceiling in the attic, passes through the intermediate glass on the 4th floor and dissipates through the oval apertures in the third, the second and muffled, falls to the first. On sunny days, it is probably lighter here, but in our case the weather was very gloomy. Also immediately attracted by the attention of a huge mirror, which leads the red carpet.

4. The first thing we did was go towards the beautiful front staircase. Forged railing, stucco, a huge stained-glass window above the flight, which is just not there. We will rise first to the second floor.

5. Different rooms - different security and different stuffing. In the first room, where we entered, it was very dark, but it showed two ancient safes. Moreover, each was equipped with four code locks with the English alphabet. It was possible to sit down and pick up a code that to detect untold treasures) Even now, the wheels turned around with pleasant clicks. The photo of the safe, unfortunately, only on the phone, you can see it here. And I suggest going to the next room, where the wooden buffet was preserved. Alas, the marauders gradually tear off the details of the design and from it.

6. Undoubtedly, a forged grating, serving as a fence for a light well on the second floor, deserves attention. In the background of the picture is the same stained-glass window on the front staircase.

7. Continue along the mansion. Now we have a bathroom in front of us. Exquisite interior in light blue tones, beautiful floor tiles, designer plumbing, decorative design of doors.

8. Let's look at the bathroom from this perspective too. Most likely, some of the owners in the second half of the XX century tried to rebuilt, but for some reason the matter arose. In the fact that this is all preserved from the first half of the XX-th century I can not believe)

9. And then the fun began. While we were standing in the bathroom, the door slammed loudly in the building and someone's footsteps were heard. We went to the floor and froze. Someone froze, too. The typical situation is "standing and not moving." In full silence, someone's quiet snorting was heard. 10 minutes of such "stupid". Then my wife and I got sick of it, and we began to call - in English, in French, zero reaction. A strange situation, of course, because If it were a watchman, he would say "Come out!" Or went to search for us. And if the stalkers were something, they would go out and chat. And here neither so nor so. Again, the tormenting minutes of waiting ... In short, we decided to go down and went to the door - and it is closed as we left it. Wife all this situation began to strain, I was also unhappy. And then I realized that it was the effect of a special sound propagation. And we heard the door on the second floor, not from the first, but from the third or fourth! In short, someone was hanging out in a building at the top (marginals? Bums?) Then he again continued to make noise. But we decided to continue shooting.
In this photo there is the main entrance to the Chateau on the first floor.

10. We will rise again. This is the second staircase that leads up to the third floor, possibly for servants. More ascetic. A couple of years ago there was also a carpet, but now it has disappeared somewhere. By the way, much of what was on the previous pictures - has sunk into oblivion. An ancient stove with beautiful patterns for metal now stood with torn off walls, and even destruction was added. But in general, even now it was very beautiful.

11. In general, in all rooms and rooms very beautiful design - gilded decorative details, stucco, beautiful wallpaper (old / antique?). And this is the balcony on the second floor. You can go out like this and go straight to the garden!

12. One of the most beautiful rooms, but incidentally one of the darkest - living room on the first floor. Wood trim and a luxurious antique fireplace with a buffet.

13. Meanwhile, the noise on the third / fourth floor continued, and this was somewhat strained. There was no longer that relaxed state that was in the beginning. What is there, it would seem. And in fact - we are in the French wilderness, in a muddy town, in an abandoned castle, and next to someone hiding / rustling. Not so fun)
One of my favorite angles in this mansion is the view of the light well on the second floor. Above you see a part of the third floor.

14. The "pink" hall is located on the other side of the living room in the corner of the building. Of remarkable - a lot of gilding, stucco, beautiful antique cloth wallpaper and two massive columns. Unfortunately, there is more destruction here than in other premises.

15. Almost all halls have preserved beautiful old batteries. Photographing them was not easy, so I post it as is.

16. On the second floor there are also two strange rooms, which seem to have the functions of a bathroom. But now they are filled up with some rubbish. But attention immediately attracted a beautiful stained-glass window, a tile with flowers and a marble sink.

17. By the way, it is dark in this mansion in many respects because almost all the windows are covered with wooden shutters. There was certainly an option to walk them and everywhere to open, but I really did not want to scorch from the street. Once again, the interiors of the living room.

18. Next we wanted to go up to the third and fourth floors, but due to the circumstances of finding someone there, we had to quickly run through the third floor without photos, but on the fourth one did not even go. Then they looked at other photos to see what they had missed-namely, a beautiful bathroom with curved legs, supposedly a room with a sewing machine, an attic floor with a light well itself, some interiors and a cellar with a cart. Well, let's, we were so pleased. Finally, I spread my favorite photo, which became the title for the reportage. The way through the looking-glass.

The place is simply beautiful, one of the most beautiful and atmospheric locations that I've seen. However, inside someone was clearly, so one to climb inside is definitely not worth it. I hope you liked the Chateau Chateau as much as I do) In the future I also plan to travel around the abandoned German and Polish castles, but it will not be soon.

Thank you for your attention!

P.S. And for those who want to see my travels and adventures in real time, I propose to add me to Instagram;)

I will be very glad to new friends and readers in LJ! Friends;)

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До новых встреч!

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Comments {9}


(no subject)

from: elenbarathi
date: Mar. 14th, 2017 04:42 pm (UTC)

Wow, that's gorgeous! Love the bathroom tiles, and the wood-paneled living room, and that wonderful light-well. Outstanding set; thanks for sharing!

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(no subject)

from: tjoel2
date: Mar. 14th, 2017 05:54 pm (UTC)

Beautiful pictures! And it looks like it's in amazingly good shape.

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(no subject)

from: iddewes
date: Mar. 14th, 2017 06:50 pm (UTC)

That really is lovely! What a shame it's been left. Ok, nice that you get to go in it now, but a shame still that no one lives there now.

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(no subject)

from: deepseasiren
date: Mar. 14th, 2017 07:11 pm (UTC)

Nice! It makes you wonder though why a tycoon would abandon such a beautiful mansion. That car rocks!! One time I saw this abandoned BMW Isetta, which is a BMW with three wheels. If I could afford it I'd take that car in your photo and redo it too along with that BMW I saw :)

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(no subject)

from: ravens_shadow
date: Mar. 14th, 2017 08:08 pm (UTC)

I am such a sucker for beautiful details. That tile work, and the metal railings and that stained glass. These photos are all gorgeous. It's just a shame that people go into these places to vandalize and destroy.

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the broken radio was playing suicide

(no subject)

from: volare
date: Mar. 15th, 2017 03:06 am (UTC)

Absolutely amazing, thank you!

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(no subject)

from: ys_melmoth
date: Mar. 15th, 2017 09:45 am (UTC)

A fascinating place. The last picture is really poetic, with the pirror and carpet... Thanks for sharing !

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(no subject)

from: stregamari
date: Mar. 16th, 2017 01:01 am (UTC)

gorgeous! Thank you for sharing these, and stay safe in your travels! the intruder on the upper levels sounded pretty scary

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velvet vamp

(no subject)

from: hindustar
date: Mar. 17th, 2017 11:56 pm (UTC)

Absolutely gorgeous!

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