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Sochi Olympic park lying desolate and abandoned one year

A $51 billion 'ghetto': Extraordinary images show Vladimir Putin's Sochi Olympic park lying desolate and abandoned one year after most expensive games in history.

Vladimir Putin's Sochi Olympic park

*The Winter Olympics of 2014 are a distant memory in the Russian Black Sea resort, with empty arenas left idle

Tulip Inn Hotel Fisht Stadium

The Tulip Inn Hotel (left), Adler Arena (centre) and Fisht Stadium (right), amid one of the many empty car parks of the Sochi Olympic complex

*Fisht Stadium, the Bolshoy Ice Dome, the Tulip Inn hotel and the Adler Arena all sit in ghostly silence

Bolshoy Ice Dome

The Bolshoy Ice Dome - costing the Russian taxpayer £197 million - requires a budget of £9,900 a day to maintain, 'mainly for taking care of the ice'.

*The state is spending millions of roubles on having an ice hockey-team in Sochi, which in fact has a subtropical climate

Ice hockey-team in Sochie

*Skiers may still pack the slopes nearby owing to the collapsing rouble, but few are visiting the Olympic park and not staying at the Tulip Inn Hotel

Skiers not staying at Tulip Inn Hotel

The ski slopes around Sochi may be packed with skiers owing to the collapsing rouble but few of them are staying at the Tulip Inn Hotel. While the pistes up the mountains are now often packed with skiers - the collapsing rouble means Russians have switched from the likes of Courchevel to the Caucasus - many of the key sites of the games appear to have little prospect of being filled again.

*The Formula One track, which hosted the £99 million Russian Grand Prix last year, stands dusty and unused

Formula One track

One of the corners at the Formula One track with Fisht Stadium and its only partially dismantled roof visible behind. Incredibly it was only used twice - for the opening and closing ceremonies

*The flame has long since gone out

Sochi Olympic flame

Russian taxpayers are picking up the bill for this 'perfect museum of corruption', according to a local journalist. The company which owns some of the complex is about to go bankrupt, according to the Kommersant newspaper

*At least two oligarchs involved in building the lavish facilities are dumping their toxic assets on the state

Sochi dumping toxic assets

Sealed rubbish bins have no one to fill them at the multi-billion dollar site, with the empty Bolshoy Ice Dome (top right) in the background


Wasteland of Olympic Proportions : Sochi $51 billion ghetto

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