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first post...

I've been lurking around this community for awhile and was too shy to post... here's my first one!

So last week I went to MacKenzie King Estate (in Chelsea, Quebec), because I remembered going there as a kid and vague memories of ruins. MacKenzie King was a canadian prime minister who collected ruins, he had old abandoned buildings unbuilt(can't find the right word...). The building pieces were moved to his land, and then rebuilt.Over the years he got some kind of ruin collection. Some were parts from an abbey, a bank, a train stations,and homes I think. Even though it isn't technically abandoned,I thought it was pretty cool and worth posting.  

I haven't been into photography for long and I'd appreciate constructive criticism :)

The bench(or whatever it was...maybe a mantel piece?) doesn't look great but I really like the light reflecting on the leaves in the background...

I'm not too sure what this could have been...a window frame maybe?

A lion and a unicorn were sleeping under the pine trees...

This said "Dieu est mon droit" (God is my right)

This is the back of it. I liked it for some reason


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