crabbyolbastard (crabbyolbastard) wrote in abandonedplaces,

It finally happened...

"Blair Witch Redux"

A little background...

The reason that the movie "Blair Witch Project" freaked me out was the fact that I had done so much hiking and UE in my high school and college years here in the northeast. Here in the northland you can still find places like the one I went to this morning, abandoned farmhouses etc. Most times, they are in wooded areas away from people's usual tracks. So, when the Blair Witch scenes with the house out in the middle of nowhere happened, I remembered all those houses that I had explored "alone" out in the wilds and thought Great GOOGLY MOOGLY! that is freaky.

Ya, my imagination can run away on me sometimes...Today though, I came across the photo above. This is an abandoned farm in Columbia CT. I had spotted it before but decided to hit it today in the morning with the good light. This was a childs room and I surmise someone came along and did this to if after? I cant be sure because the paint matched the other painted objects within. So, they could have been done for the kid...In either case, it gave me flashbacks to the shrieks of the movie...I even went in the cellar! (pics to follow)
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