_flyonthewall_ (_flyonthewall_) wrote in abandonedplaces,

Michigan Central Depot

I've been avoiding shooting the train station as it is probably the most photographed building in Detroit (or at least abandoned building).
It's recently become very popular to visit as it was used in the recent film, The Island
While down there yesterday I saw at least four car loads of people jump out of their vehicles and take group shots in front of the building before quickly speeding away.  Perhaps they were late for their weekend frat party.  Either way it wasn't the photos that annoyed me, but how quickly they flew out of the area.  While it's not the prettiest area of the city, it's not what I would necessarily call inherently dangerous.  There are a few homeless people milling about, but for the most part it's rather void of people.  I would have much rather seen them take some time to walk around the building and take it in.  But that's just me.


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