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Antelope Valley Wander (West Lancaster Farm #1)

As promised earlier today, here’s a set of shots taken at the same farm I recently posted. These were all taken by my daughter Brenna. The perspective and view of a 12 year old can be truly amazing sometimes don’t you think?

A slightly different vantage point changes so much.

Wasted space

The root of the problem

Given the level of absolute ruin and the threat of suspicious nature of the fire, we all stayed out of the heart of the burned areas. We viewed the site with a strong sense of unease. We left the site with a strong sense of relief. A strong taint hung over that old farm. Whether it was left over from its working days later (questionable) period of abandonment, something just wasn’t right and the intense fire didn’t purify it.

One final stop remained on our afternoon wanders. Here’s a preview:

Get out your water ski’s

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