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Purina Factory - Gloucester, VA

on sunday october 30, i met up with a few people (christy, josh, & steffan) from the UER forum to explore an abandoned factory in gloucester.

we found the place okay, but that was a task on its own as it hidden in a residential area. when we finally found it, i was amazed to see how large the place/grounds really are. i was expecting one, maybe two large buildings, but it ended up being three large buildings and a few metal buildings for storage.

we got out of my car and almost immediately stumbled upon an owl and i actually had my camera out already and got a few shots of him. it was really weird being that close to a wild animal and he didn't really freak out at first, but he flew away after a minute or two. we then went on to explore the first building which appeared to be an office/warehouse.

(this is part of the second building):

unfortunately, the place had a ton of really bad graffiti. (i don't usually mind it if its at least somewhat artistic.)

[this is where the freakiness starts.]

right after i read the graffiti, we hear a gunshot. i'll admit that i did start getting a little scared and freaked out, but we went ahead anyhow. i didn't drive taht far out here to be scared by some asshole. we then enter the building with the gunshots happening about every five minutes or so.

the stairway leads up to where the offices were:

as you can probably tell, the place was trashed.

the main office: (we found a 1995 calender so i'm assuming the place has been closed since around '95-'96.)

now onto the second building which had five(?) huge silos attached to it. (the gunshots are still being heard at this point as well.)

the third building:

we then climbed up to the silos using old wooden stair that were almost at a 90 degree angle.

at this point the gunshots stopped and we had decided to go ahead and leave.

this is the backside of the second building:

the front of the second building:

the doors to nowhere?

this place was a lot of fun even with the gunshots. i still think that it was a pretty awesome "right before halloween" type scare.

i haven't been able to find any information about this factory at all. christy told me that back in the day there was a chemical spill that killed everyone working that shift and that is the reason it was closed. none of the local papers has an article on it.

x-posted to a few places. i'm sorry if you see this more than once.

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