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More Ghosts of the Antelope Valley

In the effort to put together and publish the Halloween LA Haunt ‘Tour’ together, I’ve let these pictures sit (they were taken in September 05). While I’m putting the final touches on the last Halloween pictures, allow me to offer up this abandoned and seriously decayed farmstead/store between Lancaster and Adelanto, CA.

Joshua Tree


I’d seen this old building many times when driving the back roads between Lancaster and Adelanto. In its last incarnation, the building had been a Hispanic devotional shop selling religious iconic pictures, candles and so forth, but it closed a little over 3 years ago.

The building was in remarkably good condition though exposure to the elements was starting to exact a toll. What was more surprising was the lack of graffiti. To a large extent the building was in remarkable condition.

Perhaps the Lady was watching over the place.

As we looked about, the back room told a somewhat different tale.

Blood red paint on the walls, blood stains on the floor.

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