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Hiyas. Thanks for the comments in my previous post. ;)

I did some re-organization with my pictures and "Empty Earth" is now in a separate folder: link.

I also managed to take pictures of a local abandoned place. It used to be a popular confectionary shop/bakery, run by an elderly husband-and-wife pair. But because of age and of rapid urbanization, they had to leave an age-old franchise. So, now the building is now left derelict, cordoned off. The facade is still hardy, but peeling off with the wear and tear of weather. The interior of the bakery is now left in total darkness. Plants (shrubs, trees and ferns) are growing in great profusion, cluttered on the front of the place. It is quite an awesome sight.

It's affectionately called the Red House, by locals and old regulars.

Red House Facade 1

Red House Facade 2

Side View with Foliage

Thanks. I will post some of the Red House pics next time.

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