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"shock hearts" indeed

On July 10, July 11, and July 12 of this year, I did a (un resized) three day picture post of this house in Flower Mound, Texas. I received quite a shock yesterday when I disovered... it had been sold. Yes, sold. My grandma has to drive by there each day to go home, and she said that the "For Sale" sign out from had been changed to "Sold"; now the sign is gone. Speaking of gone, almost everything but the house is gone. Whoever bought the house had the entire property cleared. The huge mess of over grown trees, weeds, brushes, leaves, and vines was chopped off. Trees had thousands of wounds from the chainsaw. Remeber the mug and the old binders? No where to be seen. The weather vane had been taken off the roof; the dog items, wire, and basketball hoop from the front yard is gone. The newspaper on the driveway is gone, along with the porch phonebook and old chairs. Every bit of debris from the backyard has *vanished*. They even ripped up the wood of the sagging back porch. The giant white water heater is no longer there. Gone gone gone gone gone. I was walking around in crunching leaves, in shock, while the neighbor next door watched me with his big barking dog. Oh, but the shock wasn't done yet. The entire house has been cleared out. The Navaho rug hanging on the back door had been removed, so I could get a great peek inside. Every box, piece of trash, clothing item, and furniture is gone. Whoever went in there ripped all all of the carpet, and the fire place. It's an empty shell now. Someone left the front window open about an inch, and I looked in... I could see straight out the back window. Speaking of the back window, I was looking through it when something bounced off my head. I glanced up, and realized the window pane was crawling with wasps. I ran like hell. So, with a sagging heart and a clouded grey sky, it seems that this poor house that has stood for 70 years looks like it will meet its demise. The good news is that there is two rays of hope: 1) There were two packages of new roof shingles in the back yard. Maybe they're going to repair the roof? aka not tear it down? 2) Now that there are new owners, I'm going to call again and see if I can get pics of the inside before the wasps take over. I'm going to take pics of the outside later, just in case. I'm still in shock. I count myself lucky I have pictures my old pictures of it, for I am the only storyteller of this house's abandoned history now. Thank you all for listening^^
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