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Odense, Denmark

I come bearing WW2 goodies from Denmark!

Bomb Shelter:

The bomb shelter is under that large mound of grass/plantlife. I walked by this a million times and never noticed anything strange about it until my boyfriend pointed out:

A staircase (partially hidden by bushes) leading down to it!

The heavy metal door (I tried to move it but no way was that thing moving), which has a small peep hole on it.

A shot from the doorway.

We didn't have flash lights with us, though luckily the flash on my camera is pretty damn bright.

Another interior shot; it was just a round room with old benches in it. I believe they are left over from the actual war.


This one you couldn't go into. There was three concrete blocks sticking out of the ground and it was difficult making your way through the bushes. You can walk through the middle of the bush on a path with a concrete thing sticking out of the ground either side of you and a flat slab of concrete on the actual path. All the concrete slabs had small metal poles/grids on them to look in/out. It's actually a really large area; I wish there was a way inside.

This is the view from my boyfriend's house; during the war, the Germans took over a school and a sports center which is adjacent to this bunker.

A zoom of one of the concrete slabs facing the road.

There's something that has been puzzling us in this picture... I stuck my camera through the metal grids of the bunker and relied on my flash to show me what was down there (you can't see a thing, it's pitch black). Well on this picture, and the one below, there's a strange piece of metal that looks like it's on the floor or hanging from the ceiling like a light, just below the roof of concrete on the top. My boyfriend thought it was a doorhandle, from a birds eye view of a door thats been left open... but it doesn't look like that to me. One, the door would be very very thin... two, the handles appear to be joined at the ends to the door which isn't typical for a door IMO... Three, the doors would be open at exactly the same position (the shots were taken in two different concrete slabs sticking out of the ground)... It just doesn't seem right to me. Take a closer look, and see if you can see anything?

I would normally show a zoom-in picture of the two but I have no PSP anymore =/ However, I have uploaded the 1600x1200 onto if anyone would be kind enough to investigate it further by opening it in a paint program and zooming in on it. Please offer any suggestions if you have any!
Picture 1 | Picture 2

Another shot down another part of a metal grid.


I went back today and took pictures from as many different angles as I could. I'll start with the first concrete block:

Sorry for the rusty metal grid bar in the way, but this picture does give another slight left angle on it.

Now this one is the most interesting, because if you look on the right side of the middle 'stick', it becomes more 3-D. (Just ignore the bright spiderweb in the way =P)

This one also shows how 3-D it looks from another angle.

In this picture, look underneath the metal object... there's a log/piece of wood under it. If it were laying flat on the ground, the log wouldn't allow it to actually lay flat, therefore the metal object must be in the air. This supports the door theory a little more, as it would allow it to swing open over the log on the floor.

This one shows a little more of the middle stick, showing it goes quite far back. It does certainly look like a small door in this one.

I was just trying to think.. what would be in the main entrance hallway of a bunker? An electrics box perhaps? But then, why would there be two in one hallway, completely open - especially at the same angle?

Any more thoughts are seriously appreciated!
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