Jillian (wthtrgcendngsxx) wrote in abandonedplaces,

new new new

lots of new buildings to tell you guys about in the cleveland, ohio area.


(the Fairmont Creamery Co.)

this building is very old. there is still one more section that we need to explore.. but we heard someone open a door along with footsteps so needless to say we played it safe and got out of there. you can see more pictures on our site.

this antique looking pink shirt was hanging in a closet of one of the offices at Kase Machine in cleveland. this place had a lot of good photo opportunities, it was hard to narrow our pictures down.

this picture is from my favorite recent find. as far as we could tell.. it was obviously a school, perhaps some sort of religious private school. the only information we can find on it so far is that the game of 4 square was invented there during recess by one of the teachers. This school was called Stanard School.

this is one of many abandoned buildings in youngstown ohio. its a building that was used by the salvation army as a donation center and some housing. more pictures of it here.

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