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Dog Lady Island

years ago there was a lady who went insane. a close relative to her was of high authority in monroe, like govenor or something. instead of sending her to a mental institution like they used to back in the day. he put her on her own island away from everyone else. now the place is supposed to be haunted by the "dog lady" who ran around on all 4's with her pets. yadda yadda. then it was turned into an old teen hangout with a stage for concerts and an outside bar. for some reason it got shut down. heres a few pics.

Image hosted by
random beat up bus in the forest of the property

Image hosted by
inside the bus
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Image hosted by

ill put up more pics of the stage and bar later, but for some reason they arent on my photobucket anymore... and im not at my own computer... fooey.

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