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Decisions, decisions… Exploration planning and questions

Some of you guys may or may not have noticed that my abandoned places photos have dried up recently. This isn’t due to any lack of interest on my part. I have two expeditions planned and ready to go. One journeys to Apple Valley, Route 66 and the Helendale Army Air Corps fields #1 & 2 (now semi-retired test centers). The other trip heads west to the Sandbourne “ghost town” and sites along the old Ridge Route into LA, including a former NIKE missile battery. My problem is transportation and time. I sold off my old Jeep Cherokee and have a no reliable SUV I would trust on the bad roads out here in the perimeter.

I’m looking at two potential replacement (4x4) vehicles and certainly wouldn’t mind opinions. I’m looking to trade in my current ride for either a Nissan Xterra (’06) or a Honda CR-V (’06). I’ll already lined up loan offers and double checked insurance rates (almost identical between them). I’m torn between which to get. The Honda gets better gas mileage but isn’t truly made for off-road work (rated: light duty by Cars Direct, Edmunds and JD Power). The Xterra has lower mileage, but it noted for it’s rugged off-road ability and towing capacity. I’ve driven them both and like the handling, acceleration and internal set up. Whatcha think folks? I’m leaning toward the Xterra…

As for my time problem, sadly that’s going to remain a factor. I believe that I may have to take the route that several folks have taken and limit posts to a max of 4 shots per post and stretch the series of posts out over time. As a storyteller and historian, this is frustrating to me. I feel like I’m leaving people hanging and not telling the story behind the pictures as well as I could. This matter is still under consideration.

I genuinely look forward to some of your opinions.

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