just a reflection (enten_tora) wrote in abandonedplaces,
just a reflection

got a chance to walk around in the old warehouse part of the building that my friend's mom has used part of for an antique shop and take a few more shots of the place.
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My friend, in a very old and probably unsafe elevator (hasn't been inspected or used sence the 60s)

dosn't that make you thirsty?

Please view these and more pictures I took at my DeviantArt gallery.
(the latest 7 are from this last visit to the building, the entire 3rd rown down and right two shots on the second row down are from an earlier day at the same place)

I hope to get a chance to walk around in the main warehouse area durring the day with my tripod and new digital camera and get some really nice shots of this place for everyone.
All comments and critiques are more than welcome!

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