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On further review (a comment to a comment)

This was written in response to this post in the Abandoned Places LJ community by harmony_random. I thought it deserved to be posted here in general so it didn’t fall between the cracks. It’s not meant as a slap or a vent towards this person. It’s merely an explanation.

beautiful,save palm trees, and I feel that maybe I should say unique. The Silverstein poem was a nice touch, peppermint wind I don't especially relate to but it challenges you to bring back your own memory of cool coastal winds (I take it that the poem was about something to do with the coast, or it felt that to you).

But 'the view from Point Fermin Park isn't terribly spectacular' annoys me, and you always have a whiff of pretentiousness about you. Paul Simon isn't terribly spectacular to me.

I'm glad you left it in for others to make up their minds. I feel pretty strongly about people's ideas of what is pleasing to look at or breath taking, I believe it's less and less to do with their own potentially unique perspective. Webshots daily photos? Holiday brochures selected images, to capture the imagination of the worldwide media network generation no doubt.

Wonderful photos, thanks for sharing.

It has a little of that crisp 'beauty' aspect to it that I've been vaguely fuming at, but mostly it is unpredictable, mesmerising. Perhaps thats what the start of judgement day looks like, ruin inside civilisation being rather carefully decorated and allowed to exist. They're nice tags too, not too dumbly greedy for simple anonymous recognition or recreating somewhat the trapped chaos of a young mind in a s**thole (I don't want this post deleted by an all-knowing admin now I've got this far).

Thanks again. I'm never sure what this community is specificallly, specifically now, for. When I posted my mostly blurred poor quality images I'm not sure what I wanted from it. A brief reminder that there are those out there who look at things in a similarly superior-from-the-majority way, or something more? Food for thought or shut up?

Ummm, OK.. I don’t really know where to start with this comment.

When go to these abandoned places to shoot a session, I take a very pragmatic and matter of fact attitude towards the subject of the shot. I don’t gloat about the shot if I think it’s spectacular, I present them for the enjoyment and the feedback of people in the communities I post them to. I also post the photos from the sheer pleasure of sharing the exploration and experience of the find. No manner of pretensions or superiority plays a part. I may eventually want to be a professional photographer, but I’ll still post things to public forums like this one.

On further review (a comment to a comment)

Why photograph these places or what is pleasing to the eye?.. Where I live currently, the Los Angeles County megaplex, has no strong sense of it’s own history or some of the unique things in their own back yard. In some areas growth and development are swallowing these places up. I feel we lose something if we don’t at least try to document or tell the tale. I’m something of a perfectionist and have sought to get the best shot I possibly can. I rarely adjust or manipulate the image unless it’s got significant issues of a technical nature (glare, color, contrast and so forth).

My comment on “The View from Pt Fermin Park” not being spectacular was based on the lack of structural ruins visible in the shot. Additionally I felt that though the shot showed the tumbledown of the hill, it didn’t give a good reference on how much it tumbled or where its impact was. Think of it as a journalistic perspective from a non-journalist.

Music is a thread and a variation on a theme to me. These aren’t always songs I’m listening too with my ears so much as playing in my head sometimes. On the use of Paul Simon’s version of “Slip Slidin Away”, it was to set the mood and in my case it was the song that popped into memory. The coast had in fact slipped and slid away. I’d considered Kansas – Dust in the Wind, but didn’t feel it was right.

The posting of the Silverstein poem was likewise based on mood. I’d recently read the glowing Playboy article on his life, career and association with the magazine. It inspired me to start rereading the book “Where the Sidewalk Ends” for the second or third time. The poem popped into memory as I photographed the end of the street and the cliff at its end.

As to where this community or forum is going now, I really can’t say. I sincerely enjoy the blurred and sometimes distorted shots taken by a low cost camera as much as the high end stuff. Both have their place, their positives and their negatives. I have the philosophy of trying to get “the” shot and have been lucky enough to get a good camera to attempt it. If you haven’t noticed, I’ve also posted many of my (12 year old) daughter’s photos which are good and frequently decidedly intermediate quality. They stand alone not because of the quality and the artsy nature of the photos, but because of the heart and interest that goes into the shots.

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