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Last summer I had the opportunity to explore several unused buildings (often with guided tours by owners or the owners' employees) as part of scouting for locations for a film. (FYI: I highly recommend this as a way to get inside interesting buildings and photograph them-- You might talk with your local film commission and offer to help them create stock photos of locations.)

It was this experience that led me to join this community, and to find out about the very existence of the urban exploration subculture. (Yay!)

The following are some of the photos from my location scouts this summer. Bear in mind that they were taken for the purpose of documenting what the buildings would offer in terms of visuals and the physical practicality of setting up equipment and shooting-- Not artistic expression. But I thought some of you might like to see them, anyway.

These four are from a room in what was formerly a Borden milk plant in Oklahoma City. While part of the neighboring administration building is being used by a new food company, this dairy building is empty except for some storage. (So no, it's not completely abandoned.)

The round indentions used to have huge milk tanks on them, I'm told. Not sure what the purpose of this setup was, but there was a lot of apparatus hanging from the ceiling, as you can see.

This is a reverse of the same room. (And my co-worker, for scale.)

I liked the stairway that led to the roof.

View from up on the stairway. (Taken by my co-worker. That's me.)

Just for fun, here's a shot from the former Film Exchange building in downtown Oklahoma City. Unused for decades, it was a place where area theater owners could view films available for showing, and rent them for their theaters. Possibly they bought snack bar supplies and equipment, as this Sno-Kone sign might indicate. (Or maybe the theater owners bought snacks, like any other movie-goer!)

I wanted to steal that sign so bad...

I'll post more photos of other places when I get around to resizing and uploading them.

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