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Albert Lea Senior High School Redux

Late December 2005:
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Today, 1/11/06:
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I visited Albert Lea today and was shocked to see the feature article on the front page of the local paper reporting that demolition of the high school started Tuesday, the 10th. I dashed over when I got time, about 20 min. before sunset, and snapped the above pic w. my cellphone. The media wing, which, according to the paper, dated from 1959, was just a pile of rubble and the section shown in these pics, which used to have the library on the first floor, math & science classrooms above was being actively destroyed. While I took pics, a skid loader merrily slammed around on the third floor, smashing up walls & whatnot. This part is especially hard for me as my favorite classes in high school-biology and chemistry-were in the rooms they are presently demolishing... -_-

According to the newspaper article, the developer (who purchased the school from the city for $1) sold the property to the hospital/clinic for $285,000. Tidy profit, eh what? (And a damn expensive parking lot!)

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