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Herkimer NY

Abandoned viaduct over W. Canada Creek north of Herkimer NY. This was built between 1901 and 1903 and carried the Utica & Mohawk Valley trolley tracks over the stream. It was abandoned in 1933.

I found some information on this bridge, courtesy of Mr. Frank Tomaino and the Utica Observer-Dispatch. It was opened during the week of May 11, 1903 and according to a newspaper article, it was "[a] historic day in Herkimer as its new, half-million-dollar trolley bridge opens to traffic. The bridge is being called 'a wonder of the engineering world of bridge-building.' It is 1,212 feet long, has 10 concrete arches and a 225-foot steel span."

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These next 2 are of the north end of the bridge. A steel girder bridge once attached here and spanned the NYC RR tracks, which were relocated 60+ years ago. The bridge is gone, of course, and Rt. 5 now runs where the old tracks once did.
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Ice sculpture of sorts
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Small outbuilding at southern end of bridge. Wondering if it was an outhouse?
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