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Here are some photos I took of a Long Island gold coast mansion that now lays in ruins. 

A sprawling, 204-acre estate, Welwyn once belonged to Harold Irving Pratt, son of oil magnate and philanthropist Charles Pratt of the late 1800s. The estate includes a Georgian-style mansion, a former recreation building now used by the Nassau County Holocaust Committee and several smaller service buildings.

The mansion is the home of the Holocaust Memorial and Educational Center of Nassau County.
Some of the trees and shrubs are here as the result of extensive landscaping carried out in the earlier parts of the century. Members of the Olmsted family, whose famous patriarch, Frederick Law Olmsted, designed Central Park, were hired by the Pratts to do this. It is possible that they planted the river birch that stands beside Turtle Pond.

A stand of Austrian black pines was also planted by the Olmsteds.

The beach is sandy, rather than stony as one would expect, simply because the Pratts had the rocks removed. The visitor can enjoy a wonderful view of Long Island Sound, with Connecticut on the opposite shore to the right. taken from


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