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Horfield Regneration / Abandoned Petrol Station

It's been a while since I posted; here's some shots I took today of the Horfield Regeneration Project, I visited there before but I was using up (very) out of date film; this time I took my 'new' digital camera (a Minolta Dimage 5).

This entire estate is being demolished to make way for new housing. This is my second trip there; they've got a bit more interested in stopping people - or at least appearing to stop people - from entering the bits of the estate which are no longer being lived in / being demolished. But there're still huge gaps in the fences and sections they've just not bothered with.

Sadly they're very good at boarding up the houses - especially frustrating when I could *just* see through the grilles, but there was no way to coax my camera to focus through a less than 1/2" square hole...

Anyway, here's some of the photos:

I also took the opportunity to take some shots of the garage (gas station) that was just outside the estate. This garage was still running full time until about a month ago. Istr it was closed on New Years. But the destruction brought down by local youths upon it is incredible.

There's some more here.

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