La femme sans pitié......she slept the world (cuntishness) wrote in abandonedplaces,
La femme sans pitié......she slept the world

abandoned home

less than a block away from where i live is my dream house. i've been in the process of severe covet for quite some time. several years. i take everyone passed it. i tell damn near everyone about it.
it is for sale. a cool 1.2 million.
via a series of inexplicable and fortuitous events my husband and i were given keys to this house and free reign to take what we liked as long as it wasn't considered 'part of the house'.

this place is literally swimming with mold. breathing in there was a trial. we coughed up things that scuttled away.
and the termite situation is out of control. they have begun tunneling and eating the floor on the third floor.
it was built in 1867, originally gas but converted to electric wiring which is ready to die at any time now.
this is a place where my desire for its restoration knows no bounds.

here are my photos of the place.
be aware, this post is very image intensive. for the complete set of photos, feel free to peruse my journal. there are 13 posts with them.

the carriage house. literally place for carriage, horses, groom and hayloft.
currently used for storing miscellaneous stuff.

the yard.

a live oak eating a bench.

a building for unknown use.

doors to the kitchens.

the view from the back.

the front.

the giraffe i swiped from the place, i'm thinking of calling him archipelago. any other suggestions?

go inside.

if you like stairs, as i do, you can thank me now.

the grand salon.

the ceiling in the grand salon.

the rest of downstairs.

the right eye reminds me of alex a la clockwork orange.

love clawfoot tubs.

second floor.
archipelago in silhouette. he's a star.

going to the third floor.

archipelago, ready for his close up.

new orleans, louisiana
i hope you enjoy them.

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