allie (aleewunduhland) wrote in abandonedplaces,

Have any of you ever been to or inside Grafton State Hospital in Grafton, MA? I'm always curious because 4 years ago I went to school on the property of Grafton State Hospital for a year (Tufts and Jobcorp took over the property). A bunch of the old buildings were restored and used as class rooms and dorms but there are also a few buildings off to the side, slightly boarded up. A group of friends and I used to explore the abandonded buildings during all of our free time, along with the tunnels which were secretly acsessable through many of the basments on and off campus. It's by far my favorite historic asylum I've had the opportunity to venture into. So far there are no plans for it to be torn down which makes me incredibly happy. I wish I could go back (one day I will) because I never took pictures, always mean't to just never did for some reason. I guess all the memories will have to be stored in my mind but you can help me with that: If you know of any Grafton websites or have pictures from your own personal experiences there, could you hook me up? hehe.

Thanks to there used to be/ may still be exterior photos of one of the buildings but I was unable to find them on their site again. is good for interior shots. But I'd still like to see more photo's and find more websites.

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