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Tatham Springs Hotel: The Final Chapter

Tatham Springs Hotel: The Final Chapter

What follows is an epilogue to a series I originally posted here in the summer of 2005. If for some reason you missed the original series and would like to view it, here are the links.

Part I - The Exterior of the Hotel
Part II - The Pool  & Bath Houses
Part III - The First Floor Interior, A
Part IV - The First Floor Interior, B
Part V - The 2nd Floor Foyer, Hall, and Exterior
Part VI - The 2nd Floor Interior
Part VII - In search of the Tatham Spring

hen I was home in June, I was finally able to drive out to the grounds of the old Tatham Springs Hotel in Washington County, Kentucky. I had visited the grounds twice in the summer of 2005, taking an immense and extensive photo record of the property. In May of 2006, I was alerted by a friend of mine that the building had completely burned to the ground. As a point of reference, please consider the following three photographs. The first is a historical photo of the building that I found online.

The next photo is from roughly the same angle, taken by me last summer.

And finally, the way it looks today after the fire, from the same angle.

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