notholden (notholden) wrote in abandonedplaces,

North Bay, Ontario, Canada --- Railroad Graveyard

Hey Kids! I've noticed how well railroad stuff is received here and at Urban Decay. So yes, I was happy to unexpectedly encounter three old giants rotting together in North Bay. A steamer and two diesels. The diesels are an ex-Trans Europe Express (yes, in addition to the avante-garde film and Kraftwerk album of the same name there was a train) and either an EMD FP7 or FP9(?). I forgot to photograph the steamer (doh!). Either way they are located on a few isolated feet of rail, sort of an unattractive and hazardous waterfront attraction, not far from Ontario Northland headquarters. There was a teenager in one of the TEE wagons and it appeared he was living there. Part of the TEE trainset has been damaged by fire.

Don't like the graffitti, but hey, that's just me.

I had a toy one of these in CN colours *sniff*

From the EMD's running gear. "Our product is steel, our strength is people"

EMD engine compartment.

Looking out of the EMD.

Side view of TEE passenger car.

At least I took one picture of the steamer!

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