Bob Sahangin (zind4gi) wrote in abandonedplaces,
Bob Sahangin

Derelict Pullman Cars

The task at hand this morning would be to explore two old Pullman railway cars.

Written on the train was the words "Great Northern." Looking at the rear car, there were obvious signs of fire damage. The inside would later confirm it. Access to the first car was out of the question. It was padlocked, the windows were boarded up and it was so high up, you'd need a ladder or have Spiderman like capabilities. They also welded metal pieces on the doors.

As we entered the rear car, you can clearly see the inside was a total loss to the fire. The words written next to the door say "NCBX 826." 826 was probably the car number.

As we entered you can see shards of glass on the floor, burnt wood, and some very soft and weak spots on the floor, so proper footwear and safe footing were essential.

Heading towards the back, I saw this piece of burnt wood on the floor. It looks like it was a door once.

Passing this window, you can tell the plywood was there first and then smashed in from the outside. I think the fire came after the car was abandoned? The other reason I say this is because I notice there is some graffiti that is stained with black smoke making me think that a transcient or tagger started the fire?

Finally arriving at the rear of the car, the floor was very weak here so I leaped over to the metal part of the floor. Here we see a small room and a door. I believe this is a bathroom.

And across from it is the door to get into the Pullman car. Notice how it is welded shut.

End of the line (pun intended). Time to turn around and get out of here.

From the open windows you can see the street and the other industrial buildings across from us.

Ah, the classic sign of abandonment. A tagger was here. I think it says "Fred" but it could also be "Tred"?

Ok, time to get off the train. I took a few shots of the outside of it.

There was another abandoned train behind us and so we went to explore that as well, but I will share those pictures with you in the near future. Hope you enjoyed this session of urban exploration.
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