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Trans-Allegheny Asylum for the Insane

This is the Trans-Allegheny Asylum for the Insane, AKA the old "State Hospital" in Weston, WV. I made a little detour there on the way home from working nearby. I had heard that it was going to be torn down (like its sister hospital that once stood near where I live in Spencer, WV.) Fortunately, I found out when I got there that it is going to be fixed-up and will reopen for tours eventually... although it's very closed right now. As in, roped-off, can't get near it.

The building is HUGE! The only way to get a good photo of it in its entirety is from the air, or from the tops of one of the surrounding hills. Here's an aerial shot of it from back when it was still operating:

I am such a sucker for creepy, old buildings... especially enormous, creepy, old buildings with amazing architecture. What I wouldn't give to just sneak in there and walk around...

...during the day...

...with a big stick.
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