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Decrepit old thing- Williamstown, Melbourne, Australia

I bring to you some pictures I took quite a few months ago of a house my brother and I happened upon in the seaside village know as Williamstown, a coastal suburb of Melbourne.

According to my net research, the first settlement in Williamstown was around the late 1830s- it spent a while being a dodgy place (well it was a convict port!). My brother, who knows alot more about early Australian architecture than I do, wagers that this may have been built around the 1850s or a little before, so it's possible that this old girl is one of the original buildings to the area. You can see in the pictures that posh bastards are quickly encroaching- Williamstown is a victim of the upper-classes, as so many coastal towns are.

Note: Please excuse my craptacular pictures, I was in a bit of a rush (mum was beeping the horn) and there was quite a lot of long grass (Australia + long grass + open shoes = snakey time) so I couldn't get too much more that what I have here. Plus the sun in Australia, it burns like a thousand....well, suns.

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This is a good shot of the roof, you can see how it's been 'improved' at some stage by the addition of the iron sheeting, which seems to me to indicate it was lived in for quite a time, I would say till about the 60s, judging by the discarded stuff that was around.

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The VW beetle rusting away there in the grass looks oddly small...

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You can see here that the house is built right up against the curb, suggesting that perhaps the roads weren't very wide or sealed when it was built- that happened there around 1856.

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The encroaching nasties. The whole house is surrounded by these awful monstrosities of bad taste, it makes me weep as to what other great old buildings have been knocked down to make way for them.

Hopefully I can get back to Williamstown soon and make sure she's still there; I'll also try to get a shot or two or the old morgue- first to be built in the state in 1859, they needed it because they were storing all the dead people in the hotel basements and the smell was turning away customers!

Try to see these mid-Victorian dates as kind of exciting, we're a very new country (as far as Whitey goes) and anything that' more than 100 years old is quite special, especially if it's original!
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