Old St. Annes (laurapalmer813) wrote in abandonedplaces,
Old St. Annes

Brantford School

I've been neglecting you, oh abandonedplaces. So to make up for it, here is a huge bunch of pictures from one of the abandoned schools I went to on my road trip to rural North Dakota in May. This was the second time I'd been to the school and I liked it so much I had to bring my roadtripmate eatstoomuchjam there. The first time I didn't go in because I didn't know there was a road that went right up to the door, and I was 8 months pregnant.

ahhhh, the Brantford School, the second time. It always tastes better the second time...

hey! free roller skate!

gold. who knew?

the floor at the entrance was soft and full of holes. That never stops eatstoomuchjam.

what is that nasty can next to him? Sometimes its better to NOT know.

there he goes! I, being a chicken, did not go upstairs. It took me a while to get up the nerve to walk across that holey floor to get to the basement.

sure was purdy though!

free bike!

ok so I went halfway upstairs.

I just loooooved those front windows!

now lets go poke around in the basement!


what's in that door behind him?

the potty!

an uncomfortable chair if I've ever seen one.

the other room

oh hey there's me at the front door!

I like this picture. It was the first one eatstoomuchjam took with my camera and it was still set for indoorsy pictures. Hence the insane overexposure. But I like it. My shirt looks red.

Hope you liked Brantford! I did! Except for the wood tick I think I picked up there... =P
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