Dark Ravenette (darkravenette) wrote in abandonedplaces,
Dark Ravenette

My friend bu_doodlebug and I recently took a day just to drive around town and find cool things to photograph.

Like this abandoned mini golf course:

You can see my feet in this photo, but hey! Wooden duck!

Random roads, blind twists, and a couple U-turns later, we found ourselves at an abandoned construction site

Mangled basket of some sort

Taken from the car. We're stopped over this bridge that looked like it would collapse any second (you can see the broken pieces of concrete). We had to take the picture to prove we did it though.

The foreman's building

This was the lightswitch in the office. Creeeeepy...

The sign said: "Minimum wage - $4.75," so that may add a timeline to when this site was ditched.

And my personal favorite place ever, the old Paul Quinn campus. I've posted pictures of it before they started "reclaiming" the property, but the administration building is still impressive:

Hope you like them.
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