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Abandoned Kaboose

Continuing on from the derelict pullman cars from last week's urban exploration with jaylake, today I bring you the Abandoned Kaboose.

With some cars still attached to this Kaboose, it was obvious it had been sitting there for away. What we came to learn as we went inside is that this was the ultimate party pad with the cans of Old Milwaukee and PBR laying around.

Hello? The doors were wide open and inviting.

I have to ask.....Are you "Down for Mine?"

Miss her, kiss her, love her, wrong move you're dead, That kaboose is "Poison"

Look! Tred has friends.

I think this has the be my favorite picture of the bunch. If you didn't look at it closely you might think it's the living room of a house. In the Kaboose, there was a desk and lamp, a chair and table, a wood stove, a bed, and a toilet. All the makings of home.

Here's where you go to see the action.

Smak Master Wax


Bleeding Heart Liberals!

East Bay Punx Represent! Yo!

Adore this desk.

The black and white view of the other door.

You'll only see this reflection in the early morning light.

And old school Battery

A window to nowhere...

Gimme somma that "Train Love" from Joey in Chicago, Il.

Sitting drinking warm beer in candlelight as coyotes howl in Forest Park.

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