Old St. Annes (laurapalmer813) wrote in abandonedplaces,
Old St. Annes

Ambrose Hospital

Another cute thing we found Memorial Day weekend in North Dakota was the Divide County Community Hospital in Ambrose. Ambrose has very few people left, almost a ghost town. The hospital was originally opened in 1927 but had nothing but problems keeping doctors and closed and reopened several times. In the mid 1940's it was reopened as an old folks' home, and was abandoned in 1969. Its a cute little hospital in the middle of nowhere.


lets go inside!

inside that red building coming off the back, right inside the door we got in

right inside the door again, looking toward the main building

the front door

think this is the elevator shaft

the room to the left of the front door (looking at it from inside)

the room on the right

the kitchen was at the end of the hall.

at the other end of the hall was a Very Dark Room.

going up?

hallway of the second floor (I think!)

ok I admit it, I have no idea which of these are the first floor and which are the second. I think I'm on the second.

this room was on one end of the second floor. It was filled with matresses and a crib and all kinds of junk.

the matress room again

door to the matress room

elevator shaft again

I really liked the yellow!

1st or 2nd floor hall

not a great picture, but I liked this thing hanging there in the window between the first two floors

onward and upward, to the third floor. Is it always the third floor that has three feet worth of dried birdshit on the floor? It seems like it.

the top of the stairs

We were up there on the stinky crunchy third floor when we heard someone driving up outside. We heard the engine, the car on the gravel, and when it got right in front of the hospital the engine stopped. So we got the hell out of there! Went around the front to see who it was and it wasn't. There was nobody there. Other than that the hospital was decidedly non-creepy. Of course we never got a chance to see the basement... =)
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