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Ribs No More

This weekend we decided to go activly explore some of the places we have noticed around town.

Our first stop was to take some pictures of the local defunct Rib Shack (since I have lived in town it has been closed). This is located on Route 1 (Jefferson Davis Highway) in Stafford, VA. [27 photos under cut]

One of the first things you notice about this place is that not only is it an abandoned rib shack but their mobile meat wagon is sitting there rusting away too. Check out their slogan.

Here you can see their fence that sadly doesn't seem to be keeping much out anymore...

When you look into the window you can see an open sign, while un-lit it makes the place seem still pretty inviting and new.

However, glancing in the next window down there is a small "closed" sign. A quiet end to a simple business.

Peering into the great old front door you can still see a dry erase board with specials still written on it (sadly it was too dark inside to get a picture)

However we did get a closeup of the incredible hinges this door had to offer.

Around the side you can see what we can only assume is their old delivery door, not the most inviting of things, but definatly one of the most compelling.

From the looks of things, I don't think this door will be accepting any more deliveries...

Going further back we noticed an old broken up grill...

...and then the big old smoke houses. This is an old vent, though I'm not entirely sure why it can open (note the latch)

The smoke houses still have intact (probably operational) dials, it even seems like someone left this one on...

We were upset to find that the smoke house door was securely locked and barred

...but excited to see more rusted gauges

After turning the corner of the smoke house we noticed an old freezer. It was ominously labled "f-1" (freezer one appearantly but creepy nonetheless)

Upon realizing unlike the smoke house, this freezer was unlocked, I became confident that it contained a dead body, and you can see that we found...

...tons of spiderwebs, and the old bags that once contained food. Strangely enough it still somehow *smelled* like a freezer even though it has been unused for so long.

We noticed that a small passagway led behind a second smoke house, it was too mysterious to pass up...

There we found a fallen air conditioner and various vines (natural and man-made)

Here is a shot of the passage we squeezed through looking out from our newly discovered cove

Before leaving we investigated the second smoke house, like the last, it too was barred and locked. However I noticed that the bolt on the opposite end of the bar was shiney. Recently somone had used a tool on it to unbolt this bar. I could even move it with my fingers. This for sure had to hold bodies or a drug stash...

Sadly, even though it was loose I was only spinning the bolt. I needed tools to sucessfully bypass this bar (I WILL return to find what is in there...) As much as that was a dissapointment we were happy to find a great decaying ladder to photograph. This was early afternoon so the effect was almost natural sepia with only a touch of color at the top...

This place was once a landmark,

and is still prominant, though it is beginning to decay...

...and nature is taking it all back

even the fact that it is for sale has been forgotten. This RibShack will not dissapear it will simply... fade away

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