Livejamie Martin (livejamie) wrote in abandonedplaces,
Livejamie Martin

hi all

found this community through my lj friend new_republican.

a couple weeks ago on a trip to alaska some friends and i pulled off the side of the seward highway (to use the bathroom) and found this abandoned cabin down a random dirt road.

the odds of us finding it were pretty astounding and look at everything that was in there!

among what was in there was a magazine from 1980 with an anchorage address that we decided to drive 40 miles to return to its owner. she didn't answer the door so we left a note with the magazine at her doorstep. still haven't heard from her.

more of my alaska pictures here.

thanks for looking, and if anybody here is in the arizona area and wants to go exploring drop me a line, i'm very down for urban exploring.
Tags: pacific coast usa, residence
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