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Meriden, CT - Abandoned House

These are the first shots I've taken with my newly purchased Digital Rebel. While I am completely in love with the camera, I have gone from a novice with an amateur camera to a novice with a professional camera and the feeling is actually pretty terrifying. But I figure the only way to get better is practice, so here we go.

I'm home for the week in Connecticut before my college semester starts back up again in Boston, and the other day I was visiting a friend in Meriden and she agreed to drive around with me in search of things I could take pictures of. My abandoned sites radar picked up this place as soon as we drove by on the way to Chili's. My friend was kind enough to double back after lunch so I could have a looksee. Neither of us knew anything about the place beforehand, she just mentioned she'd heard that a nearby house had been condemned recently and this could possibly be it.

Creepy as hell, yes? I thought so too. A really lame semi-adventure follows, as well as some more pictures. :)

Closer shot of the side of the house. The front entryway looked pretty secure, plus the porch was basically right on the side of a busy street, so I gravitated toward the back first.

Back of the house, technically the basement entrance based on how the house was build onto the hill. That screen door? Wide open. I could just walk right inside if I wanted to. No "No Trespassing" signs anywhere. Considering I'm still an amateur at the whole "urbex" thing, I've never actually been to a site that had a defined interior. (I like graveyards and outdoor sites, less risk of law-breaking or some such.) Anyway, I was stunned that it would be this easy to go inside. I made a slow and totally dorky approach to yank the screen door open.

This is the only shot of the interior I got, and of course it's blurry. (Read: Artistic!) Probably because my hands were shaking so badly. I couldn't even get myself to go in beyond the doorway. The vibes I was getting from the place were pretty intense. Something about how totally silent and dusty everything was. Also because I was alone. I tried to get my friend to come with me but she wouldn't even get out of the car. I might not have been as scared if I'd had a partner, but regardless of weird vibes, I just don't think it's safe to go in a place like that without a friend. And a steel pipe. Ahem.

Anyway, I fled and went to investigate the front porch.

Approaching the front porch.

Front door. Notice the totally out of place new shiny doorknob. What the hell? I didn't even try the door, by the way. It just screamed, "LOCKED EXTREMELY WELL" to me.

Broken railing and police line tape. Quaint.

Watch your step.

Ahhh, flora.

Untouched delivered papers. I checked the date on one of them and it was July 30, 2006. Your guess is as good as mine.

One last slightly underexposed shot as we drove away because I wanted a better shot of the front exterior and wasn't about to stand in the road to get it. I had the creeps for an hour after we left.

And of course all I want to do is find an intrepid soul to go back and venture inside with me.
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