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The heart of Tampa

I just took a little road trip over the weekend and snapped a few pix along the way. Nothing serious, it was late, the lighting was all wrong, and I have a crappy camera, but here they are anyway (warning, these come out pretty big on the screen)
These pictures were taken on Franklin St in downtown Tampa, the historic "main street" of the city, which has been virtually abandoned for almost 30 years, since they converted it into a pedestrian mall. Fortunately, they have realized the error of their ways and recently reopened it to traffic (better late than never) and there are new condos and businesses sprouting up, unfortunately the trend is to tear down and build new rather than restore the historic buildings that are there. Who knows what fate will befall what remains. there are at least 10 -13 blocks of blight and abandoned buildings in very center of town. (what hasn't become parking lots or skyscrapers)

The Albany Hotel.

Kress Department Store (and block)

Another shot of the Kress. There used to be an even larger old department store- Maas Brothers- on this street, but it was sadly torn down last year to make room for a high rise condo. (they were going to keep the facade, but I guess it didn't work out) Now that the Condo boom is over, I wonder how many proposed projects won't even be begun....

I have a few more shots in my journal, but not all abandoned stuff.

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