Lily (eight_of_wands) wrote in abandonedplaces,

2 Farm Houses

Hi, living in saskatchewan there are many abandoned farm houses.. the majority of them are in terrible condition; one gust of wind and they will blow over. however i found 2 this past weekend that were interesting. The first one has to be the most beautiful abandoned house i have ever been in. Just imagine what it looked like when people were living in it.. wow luxury. the second.. needs new paint.

This house was truley amazing. only a few pics as i need to go back because in some of the pics i noticed some newspapers and birthday cards and other booklets of paper i overlooked and need to see. also boxes of things i didn't look in.

Living room

Upstairs hallway there were 5 bedrooms and the bathroom up here as well as the stairs to the attic.

upstairs hall again.. the girl's room was pink.. the boys' rooms were blue.

gorgeous radiators!


going down to the basement.. wasn't very interesting down there..

one of the attic

House # 2: grafitti city

the closed door (to the left of the pic)is the way upstairs

nice colour scheme! this is upstairs.



the stairs felt very soft so i didn't go down.. this is the best pic i got..

:) bye-o

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