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Cherry Pickin'!

-I was told about this place. So, I bring gifts.-

My friends and I like to explore and find things everywhere. The other night, we went into some old burned buildings.


Random crap on an ice box.

Water pump.

The first half of a United Airline plane [Van actually]. Just sitting there.

Ring box in a room full of dead flies.

I used to have a bike like this...

The remains of an old meth lab.

Roses in a basket.

Quality entertainment?

A nice little note left by other kids I assume. Stupid vandals.

More vandalizing evidence, only neon.

This little guy was a "pleasant" surprise for us.

Another bike.


A nice little assortment of couches.

The arson award. Special.

This was my favorite. There was a seven foot deep hole, pitch black. I randomly held my camera over the void, and took a picture. ...I didn't notice the doll. When I did, I got a close up.

Said doll.

Yay for random stuff.


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