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Hello, My name is Matthew Miller. I am a new comer to this community so please, greet me with open arms. Earlier today around 1:30PM (CT) I went down the road a bit and went to one of the most famous abandoned places in Corpus Christi, Texas. The Marine Hangers, otherwise known as "The Hangers". They are these two huge hangers taking up more space then they should, one hanger holds broken down school buses and the other just sits there. There are alot of photos so please take a look at all of them, if you wish to see them in a bigger format I'm more then welcome to help you.

In the foreground is the 2nd Hanger, I did not go in this one due to the amount of activity that was going on inside.
(They stick abandoned buses there)


1st and 2nd Hanger:
(I was in the first one)

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