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Sunland Hospital - Tallahassee, Florida

First off.. I am new to this community and I must say how awesome it is. I absolutely love abandoned places and the like. Feel free to add me if we seem to have a great deal in common. I <3 meeting new people! Now on with the show...

I just recently moved to Tallahassee, Florida. I had read about Sunland online awhile back and it sparked my interest. Yesterday I decided to do a little bit of exploring. I didn't go inside because of all the warnings I have read about asbestos.. and because it is plain out creepy. I would like to explore inside the building one day however with a small group of people armed with surgical masks. Any partakers would be splendid. I did go across the street to their old warehouse and get some inside photos since doors were open and windows were busted.

Tallahassee's Campus of Sunland Hospital began its life as the W. T. Edwards Tuberculosis Hospital in 1952. Tuberculosis (TB), a bacterial infection in the lungs, was fatal more often than not before an antibiotic was developed. W. T. Edwards was where most of the TB patients in this area spent out their remaining years. After the development of a cure for TB, the hospital slowly closed its doors to patients and renovations on the hospital began.
March 14th, 1967 4:00pm: Sunland Hospital, Tallahassee welcomed its first patients. Eighteen children were transfered from Sunland: Orlando on an Air Force hospital bus to the new facility.
Sixteen of the children were stable enough to be schooled outside the hospital. These children we bused to Gretchen Everhart Trainable School Though school like functions such as boy scouts, were available to Sunland's residents
Many special events were held at the hospital, visits by the Governor, even weddings!
During some point of the hospital's existence, rumors of inhumane treatment surfaced. I've gotten conflicting facts saying early and late in the hospital's lifespan. My father worked for Children and Family Services and says that mostly the children were just left alone in cribs with bars over the top, for long periods, sitting in their own "filth". Supposedly, electro-shock therapy was used at one time in Sunland facilities. Isolation seemed to have been the method chosen primarily, with several small, windowless, padded rooms used for time-out. Lawsuits were filled against many hospitals in the late 70s and early 80s vying for better treatment for the country's mentally impaired citizens. Funding was cut back and the hospital couldn't afford to renovate to make the hospital more "fire-exit friendly for impared residents" and was forced to begin dispersing patients to other facilities in July 1981. By December 17th, 1983 the facility closed its doors forever. HRS had planned to spend over 5.5 million dollars to use the building as office space ... it never came to be. Eventually, the vines grew and the curious came to look around... and so the doors were opened again.
Tallahassee's campus had a little more time to close down, so most equipment was sold and items packed away. Orlando closed a little faster and stuff was left strewn about. Tally's is pretty barren now save for piles of crib parts, a few whole ones, and three or four beds. Some of the label stickers are still clinging to shelves, and you can feel the aura of sadness. As the years pass, more and more of the buildings interesting sites are vandalized and demolished by kids with no respect for the past. It seems to have changed quite a bit especially in the last year. More of the "aura of sadness" is outside now than inside.

These are some photos of the hospital when it was in use

Photo Credit and Information

Now on with my photos

And these are the pictures of the warehouse across the street

I found this one shoe odd..

And then I found this second shoe that belonged to the first shoe.. even stranger..

Hope you enjoyed!


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