Mistress In Ruin (mistressinruin) wrote in abandonedplaces,
Mistress In Ruin

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This photo was taken over the weekend in Marshall, Texas. It is located in the Historical Ginocchio District which is home to quite a few historical landmarks such as the Texas and Pacific Depot which has been restored and now functions as a station for daily Amtrak service. Historical Significance is based on the architecture of the homes and buildings in this region which range from architectural styles such as Queen Anne to Spanish Revival. A few notes: It was taken with my camera phone, I didn’t expect to be out taking pictures, we were waiting on a train so I didn’t get to explore too much. Hopefully someone will buy this beauty and fix her up. Sorry no pictures of the house…the stairs are what caught my attention and I was being yelled at to hurry up.

And sorry for all of the history if you’re uninterested, but I am always curious about history.
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