Charlie (sir_charlah) wrote in abandonedplaces,

Hi, I'm new. I have a few picture on my website that would probably be relevant to this community.

Shades Valley high school -  an abandoned high school in Birmingham, Alabama. the land is now part of the the zoo.

pool - an abandoned public pool in Tuscaloosa, alabama that was designed by a student of Frank Lloyd Wright.

small town - I went on a trip to washington, georgia, and came across an abandoned high school, house, and a cemetery along the way.

westview cemetery and mausoleum - the second-oldest public cemetery in atlanta. I figure this belongs here mostly because of the mausoleum....its huge and was built in 1943, but the inside was never completely finished. not really abandoned per se, but it is in a state of decay.

oakland cemetery - atlanta's oldest public cemetery. also kind of doesn't belong here, but it does have alot of decaying victorian architecture.

so that is that.
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